Tips for Mowing your Lawn

Mowing your lawn is not only good for your health, it’s extremely important for keeping the grass in your lawn healthy. Pretty much all homeowners have a lawnmower, but are we mowing for optimum grass growth? Here, we’ve listed our top tips for mowing your lawn….

The basics

  • “Little and often is the key”. Never wait until it gets too long and hack it back to within an inch of its life. The more often it is “pruned”, the thicker and better the lawn will be. Little and often.
  • Keep your mower well-maintained. This includes a regularly sharpened blade (at least once per year)
  • Never cut more than a third of the height off the grass to avoid stressing it.
  • Occasionally change the direction in which you mow to prevent the grass lying flat
  • Don’t cut the lawn too short. It’s a myth that the shorter you mow it the less you have to mow.  Mow it no shorter than 1” (25 mm) to enjoy a greener lawn
  • Keep mowing late into the season as our winters are milder now. If it looks like it needs a mow in winter and its dry, mow on high setting to tidy it up

Choosing a lawnmower

Choose a mower that is big enough to mow your lawn in less than half an hour, so that it doesn’t become a chore and put you off doing it.

  • Small lawn = 100- 200m2 in size (½ to ¼ of a tennis court)
  • Medium lawn = size of 1 tennis court
  • Large lawn = 2 tennis courts or more

Stripes or no stripes?

If you would like stripes choose a mower with a roller. Otherwise one on 4 wheels will suffice.

However, a mower with 4 wheels can tend to drop off the edge of lawn in the beds causing a very short, scalping of the edge of the lawn. Roller mowers can overlay the edge and avoid this problem

Striped lawn

Rotary or cylinder mower?

Rotary mowers work by a blade spinning round under the deck.

  • Versatile and will cope with long grass
  • However, you can’t cut too short or it will chew the grass
  • Cost effective and versatile
4 wheeled rotary mower

4 wheeled rotary mower

Rotary roller mower

Rotary roller mower

Cylinder Mowers are specialised equipment, and generally more expensive to buy and maintain.

  • A cylinder blade such as an atco or ransomes,will cut the grass with a scissor like action as the cylinder cuts the grass against a bottom blade
  • Will cut grass better than a rotary and cleaner shorter cut
Cylinder mower

Cylinder mower

Spring top tip

In May/June grass as part of its reproductive life cycle, will try and produce a seed head.  Stems will tend to grow horizontally within the lawn, out of the mowers reach. Lightly rake prior to mowing, to bring the stems upright so the mower can cut them off. Whilst in reproductive mode the leaves of the grass won’t be as green as all the energy goes on to the stem.

Mulch or collect?

  • Mulching is where the grass is cut/smashed in to small fragments and re distributed within the lawn
  • Collect is where you mow with a box on to remove the cut grass
mulching mower

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