The Health Benefits of Mowing your Lawn

If National Gardening Week has prompted you to get outdoors and tend to yours, don’t forget to mow your lawn. It could keep both you, and the grass in your lawn, trim! 

Did you know that mowing the lawn for half an hour can burn approx 200 calories (based on a 13st 3lb man using a powered lawn mower)? If you’re using a manual lawn mower, this increases up to 265 calories. Likewise, a woman weighing 10st could look to burn 150 calories for half an hour of mowing with a powered mower and 200 calories for a manual mower. Mowing your lawn can be classed as a cardiovascular exercise, meaning that it can improve heart health. Getting your exercise in through general lifestyle activities (like lawn mowing) is the perfect way to keep healthy without realising you’re doing so!

It’s not just cardio health either...

Tending to your garden can help improve your mental wellness too. A 2015 study found that after just one 30 minute gardening session people reported significant improvements in their mood, self-esteem and reductions in their feelings of anger, tension, low mood and confusion (Nursing Times, 2015). Mowing your lawn is one of those tasks where you can see instant results, perfect for a good sense of accomplishment. Walking back and forth and being in the fresh air of your garden all help to keep you in the present moment, improving attention and reducing stress. 

Mowing a lawn

However, always remember to apply sunscreen when you’re working out in the garden to protect from harmful UV rays, wear a hat to keep the sun off your face and keep some water nearby to help keep you hydrated . Then sit back & relax when it’s all done!

So why not nip out and mow your lawn for half an hour? You’ll soon be reaping the rewards! 

If you’re not sure of the best mower to use, look out for our upcoming tips on mowing your lawn. 

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