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Weeds on Hard Surfaces

Posted by mattcrane in Weeds on June 9, 2015


This time of year you start to see weeds appearing in gravel pathways and driveways as well as between the cracks on your paved patios and other hard surfaces. The weeds that appear on your hard surfaces are commonly weeds of lawns including dandelion and  meadow grass. There is no end of information on the different…

April and May Lawn Care Tips

Posted by mattcrane in Lawn Care Tips on March 31, 2014


Lawn Care tips for April & May Organic Fertiliser for a Great Looking Lawn This is the time to feed and weed (preferably in that order). The fertiliser we use is organic which means we are feeding the soil to help it feed the lawn, and benefit the environment, and give you great looking lawn.…

Weeds in patios and driveways

Posted by mattcrane in Alerts on May 20, 2013


  Weeds in patios and driveways are relentless at this time of year and we can dig and scrape them out on our hands and knees but it seems never too long before they come back.  So if you want some professional help we can apply our industrial strength total herbicide which will kill the…

The end of March 2013 beckons – ready for Spring?

Posted by mattcrane in Lawn Care Tips on March 28, 2013

This time in a Nutshell March/April heralds the start of the lawn care year as the extended Winter fades away. To do now Treat moss Aerate Light topping with the mower Apply Spring fertiliser Next Month: Spray drives/paths/patios with a total weed killer to keep weed free for summer Spray lawns with a selective weed…

Winter Lawn Care Tips

Posted by mattcrane in Lawn Care Tips on December 12, 2012

As Dean Martin once sung, ‘the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful…’ Don’t neglect your lawns even though the winter is well and truly upon us. Do a final check to make sure there are no leaves on, or stuck to the grass blades or the soil. Don’t be afraid to…

Early Summer Lawn Care Tips – 2012

Posted by mattcrane in Newsletters on August 1, 2012

In this month’s Newsletter  2 Treatments for the Price of One – offer ends 30th June Lawn Care Tips – What to do if the ‘drought’ materialises Weed Control on Drives/Paths/Patios Special Events, in YOUR Garden Lawn Care Programme – Activity Reviews Weed and Feeds Summer Fertiliser Update – Red Thread Disease & Ants and…

June 12 Lawn Care Tips

Posted by mattcrane in Lawn Care Tips on June 1, 2012

Spruce Up Your Lawn For The Jubilee Celebration And Garden Party Season Mowing Continue mowing, and increase the frequency.  Try cutting one way then cut at 90 degrees to it to give that criss-crossed fairway look. The grass will look and grow better if cut little and often, rather than one big cut. This month…

Spring Newsletter and Lawn Care Tips

Posted by mattcrane in Lawn Care Tips,Newsletters on March 22, 2012

Spring is in the air once again.  Bulbs have emerged and the grass is growing.  Most lawns have really suffered due to the cold causing problems such as diseases, moss, a general lack of colour and less vigour. Our scheduled treatments will bring them back to life again. TOP TIP – don’t be afraid to…