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Disease alert- Red Thread

Posted by Simon in Lawn Disease on January 25, 2017

despite the cold morning sand wintery conditions we are getting reports back from our lawn care technicians that red thread is present in a number of lawns, that we are treating with the “Winter Feed and Moss Treatment”. Symptoms You may see the following symptoms: Patches of affected grass with a reddish tinge at first,…

How to look after your Summer Lawn

Posted by mattcrane in Drought Control,Lawn Care Tips,Summer Lawns on April 15, 2015


It’s been fantastic to see the sun in the last couple of weeks, especially now the longer days has arrived allowing you to potter about in the garden after dinner. Being able towalk across lush green grass to your flower beds and pots makes everything feel much better. It’s important to remember that with longer…

Spring Lawn Care Advice

Posted by mattcrane in Lawn Care Tips on March 26, 2015


Spring is definitely in the air, with warmer days, seasonal British showers and the clock changes on the way. Keen gardeners are preparing their show gardens ready for the warmer weather, but more often than not we are asked when treatments should take place, what people should be doing with their lawns in the spring…

Moss Treatment for lawns and Spring Fertiliser

Posted by mattcrane in Lawn Care Tips,Moss Treatment on February 23, 2015

As winter draws to a close (we say hopefully) the ProLawnCare moss treatment for lawns also draws to a close; so what’s next? Lawns will generally look ‘tired’ following the long dark, cold winter, so they are in desperate need of a good feed. Our spring fertiliser will be in the form of slow release granular…

Moss in Lawns

Posted by mattcrane in Moss in Lawns,Moss Treatment on November 12, 2014

There are over 12,000 species of moss and algae, of which over 50 species are found to affect grass. Mosses are primitive non-flowering plants that have no root structure and rely on a sufficient moisture environment being present for reproduction and survival. The majority of them are tolerant of acidic conditions and are stimulated by…

Autumn Lawn Care

Posted by mattcrane in Lawn Care Tips on October 20, 2014

Leaves on Lawns….it’s seriously windy this week so leaves will inevitably fall and cover our lawns! Can we remind you not to let Autumn leaves lie on the grass for too long by blowing and raking them up. Leaving surface leaves to rot away creates ideal growing conditions for moss, makes applying Autumn lawn care…

Autumn Tips for Your Lawn

Posted by mattcrane in Lawn Care Tips,Lawn Insects on September 4, 2014


Autumn Lawn Care Autumn Feed This feed is a very important part of any lawn care programme. Feed with a fertiliser high in Phosphate and Potassium with additional Iron for that dark green look. Aeration + Over Seeding To Improve Grass Quality Soil compaction is a frequent cause of turf deterioration and moss invasion so…

Moss Control

Posted by mattcrane in Lawn Care Tips,Moss in Lawns on February 27, 2014

Moss is growing thick and fast in lawns especially in areas of shade and even more if leaves have fallen; heavy dues at this time of year help it grow as well.  How is moss defined?  Treating moss with an iron sulphur solution now will turn it black and weaken it to the extent that the…

Lawn Care in November

Posted by mattcrane in Lawn Care Tips on October 9, 2013

LAWN CARE IN NOVEMBER During November you start to forget about your Lawn Care but now is the time to make sure your lawn is in great condition to see it through the cold winter. Soil compaction is a frequent cause of turf deterioration and moss invasion.  For optimal effectiveness the lawn needs aerating in…

October Lawn Care

Posted by mattcrane in Lawn Care Tips on September 9, 2013


Lawn Care Jobs for October Although October can be a lovely time of the year, it is also the time when the clocks change back and the dark days arrive. The decrease in light also effects the health of your lawn, so it’s vital that we get it ready for the cold winter ahead. The…

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