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Summer Fertiliser


You will be out enjoying your garden the most during the summer months, it’s important to keep your lawn in top condition with a well-balanced lawn summer fertiliser. A slow release fertiliser applied in the summer helps the grass take the wear and tear that the children, pets and lawnmowers create. With being slow release, the feed will drip into the soil over the summer months keeping your grass strong.

Why apply a summer fertiliser?

The summer fertiliser is a well-balanced formation to ensure your lawn not only has enough energy to keep that lush, thick green growth across all of your lawn, but also develops strong roots to last throughout the summer. As part of our treatment plan, we include an organic summer grass feed which is granular based; this type of feed breaks down slowly and is fed to the lawn when the grass needs it the most.

When to apply the summer fertiliser?

We apply the summer fertiliser from the beginning of June.

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