Weed Control

Controlling Weeds In Lawns

Weed control in grass is important to be carried out during the spring and the autumn. As part of our treatment plan we use a spot weed control with a selective weed killer that is ideal for use on lawns. During autumn we are able to control any weeds using a liquid weed control whilst we are applying your autumn feed. The best approach to controlling weeds in lawns is through growing a strong and healthy grass and spot treating weeds throughout the year.

What Are Lawn Weeds?

Weeds are an unwanted plant growing in the wrong place. This means that when a weed is in your lawn it is completing for space and nutrients from the grass in your lawn. Clover, dandelions, coarse-leaved grasses, daisies and buttercups are all different weeds that you can find in your lawn.

There are three easy ways for you to identify that you have weeds within your lawns. These are:

  • The grass looks patchy
  • Flowers appear within the grass
  • Patches may remain green during a drought

Believe it or not, weeds survive regular mowing, depending upon the type of weed they can spread through seeds being scattered by the wind, or they have creeping roots under the lawn which can create problems where grass is sparse.

How To Remove Weeds In Lawns

Alternatively you can control via non chemical means through digging out, this is usually done through feeding, aerating and scarifying. Feeding, aerating and scarifying encourage the grass to grow and spread which makes it difficult for the weeds to take hold. Other methods that can be carried out include:

  • Remove rosette-type weeds with a hand-fork
  • Raking your lawn and then mowing to deter creeping weeds
  • Avoid close mowing as this will weaken the grass and allow weeds to take hold

How To Control Weeds In Lawns During The Spring

During the spring, we use a selective weedkiller to kill the weeds in your lawns. The weeds are required to be actively growing in order for them to be more receptive to the weedkiller. We require the weather conditions to be dry and still. This allows the weedkiller to be taken in through the leaves and not washed away by the rain. The still weather stops any drift from the spray getting onto grass and plants.

How To Control Weeds In Lawns During The Autumn

During the autumn we often experience warm and wet weather which encourages the weeds to have one last growth spurt before the winter arrives and they lay dormant until the spring. This growth spurt not only makes your lawns look untidy, but it also puts additional stress on the grass as the weeds compete for space to grow. For more information on the different types on weeds in your garden, we recommend visiting the RHS website. If you are interested in our weed control service, please get in touch.

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