Why re-turf your garden?

Occasionally we find lawns that are beyond reasonable repair and it’s better to simply start again. We can transform your lawn from a patchy derelict eyesore into a new lush green lawn for the children to play in and something that will turn the neighbours green with envy.

What are the benefits of turf?

Although having a lawn can be deemed as being hard work, the environmental benefits of having grass in your garden are huge. By having turf in your garden, you are helping the rain (that we have a lot of in the UK) soak away to stop flooding where possible. Turf also is important for turning C02 into 02 to help us breath. In addition to that, green space has been proven to help people relax and improves your mental state of mind. For further information on the benefits of turf visit the Turf Association Website.

How do we re-turf your garden?

To get the garden looking lush and green, we start by spraying off your existing grass, strip back the turf, rotavate your soil and level it off nicely. We import and spread the required amount of topsoil using a rake and heal process until we are satisfied that the base is right. We then apply a good quality fertiliser to the soil to aid root growth on the turf and then lay the new turf on top.

After care for your lawn

It is vital that you keep your new lawn watered, even if you lay your lawn in the winter as the wind can dry out the turf quickly. If you have had your lawn put down during the summer months we recommend that you water your new turf continuously for 48 hours.

Have questions?

If you are looking to get your lawn re-turfed, then please get in touch by using the form below, emailing us at or calling 01480 812393

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