Lawn Aeration

What is Lawn Aeration?

Lawn aeration is a lawn care treatment that penetrates some holes into the lawn to allow air, nutrients and water to reach deep into the grass roots. By removing the thatch on the top of the grass through regular moss control and scarification, lawn aeration helps the grass roots grow deeper and stronger for a healthier lawn.

Why do we need to Aerate Lawns?

Over periods of time, foot fall on your lawn compact the soil down; even mowing your lawn takes its toll on your grass. The compact soil reduces the amount of soil pore spaces (water and air) that the grass requires to maintain strong and healthy roots.  It is in these pore spaces that air and water circulate, and help provide the plant with the necessary nutrients and air and water it requires to respire and grow. Aerating the lawn produces pore spaces where they have been compacted allowing the lawn to grow.

How do we aerate lawns?

Simply to aerate lawns we make holes in the lawn to let the roots breath and the grass and soil thrive. We can either use Solid Tine aeration or Hollow Tine aeration machines to do the work.

What is a Hollow Tine Aeration machine & how does it work?

A Hollow Tine aeration machine drives metal “tiness” into your lawn, extracting a core of turf and soil as it goes. The main benefit of removing a soil core is that it creates extra space in the remaining soil, allowing the lawn to relax and for the pores in the soil to open. The effect of Hollow-Tine aeration in longer lasting, the holes can stay open for longer allowing the grass roots to flourish.

What is a Solid Tine Aeration machine?

Solid Tine aeration involves driving solid metal spikes into the surface of your lawn to make air holes in it. These holes can be quite deep, up to several inches depending on the state of the soil. We generally use Solid Tine aerators on less compacted soils and this method does not remove soil plugs.

When do we aerate lawns?

Lawns will benefit from this treatment once a year, normally at the beginning of the autumn (September/October) as long as the ground is nice and soft. This lawn care treatment normally follows a lawn scarification.

Following aeration, many lawns will benefit from an application of top dressing (sand/soil mixture) plus additional grass seed to thicken and improve the quality of the lawn.

Benefits of Lawn Aeration:

  • Improves soil surface drainage (water infiltration)
  • Helps to increase soil temperatures
  • Increases soil pore space
  • Aids integration of top dressings into soil profile
  • Aids the breakdown of thatch /organic matter
  • An aid to promoting better surface levels that will increase ball roll /speed

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