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Moss in lawns starting to raise it's head

It’s at this time of year when grass growth is negligible but day length increases, that moss start to take advantage.  It’s best to treat moss now before it starts to out compete the lawn you’re trying to nurture.

Our Winter Treatment will kill any moss as well as feed the lawn, ensuring it is in the best possible health for the start of spring growth.


Moss in Lawn

Lawn untreated (foreground) v Lawn treated (background)

Causes of Moss

  • Long periods of wet weather
  • Long periods of dry weather
  • Low soil fertility
  • Compacted soils
  • Low or high soil pH
  • Excessive shade
  • Poorly drained soils
  • High thatch contents
  • Poor air circulation
  • Closely mown / weak grass growth
  • Ineffective maintenance regimes, particularly mowing, fertilising, aeration, brushing, scarifying and pesticide / weed control operations.

The Solution

  •    Don’t mow too short
  •    Keep turf mowed at 1” no shorter
  •    Aerate lawns to allow water to move away from surface (back fill holes with dressing where drainage is poor or soil is predominantly clay

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Posted by Simon in Moss in Lawns on January 23, 2017