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Lawn Care Tips for May

Organic Fertiliser for a Great Looking Lawn

This is the time to feed and weed (preferably in that order).

The fertiliser we use is organic which means we are feeding the soil to help it feed the lawn, and benefit the environment, and give you great looking lawn.

Weed Control

Once the weeds and grass are actively growing a selective herbicide to reduce broad leaved weeds such as dandelions, daisies and clover within the grass can be applied.

Patio/Driveway Weed Control- Ask about our Special Extra Strong Treatment

Weeds can look unsightly at this time of year in patios and driveways. We can spray a total weed killer to kill them and keep weed free for up to 6 months.


If hot and dry, water once per week and soak grass to prevent it turning brown.

Top Tip: Grass will try and produce a seed head at this time of year.  This will look like a pale, coarse stem creeping through the grass.  Rake these up prior to mowing so they are vertical and the mower will cut them off.  The grass will then green up again is it reverts back to growing green leaves not stems!!)

Actions required in May

  • Mow lawn at least once per week
  • Apply Spring Feed
  • Spray Weeds in lawn with Selective Herbicide
  • Spray drive/path/patios with total herbicide to keep Weed Free for Summer
  • Irrigate lawn in dry spells
  • Rake lawn to help cut off seed heads

Posted by Simon in on April 25, 2016