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Lawn Care tips for March


Moss poses a real threat to lawns this year, and may be affecting your lawn. ProLawnCare can spray their special Moss Control Treatment. Moss dies in front of your eyes, and it is best to do it now before the Spring starts, otherwise it will crowd out the grass and lead to a thin and sparse lawn.


Mow at least once a week now; make sure mower has been serviced and blade replaced or sharpened.

Fertiliser – Organic

This is the time to feed the lawn after most nutrients will have been washed through during the wet winter months. The fertiliser we use is organic based, so we are feeding the soil to give you the best lawn possible.

Weed Control

Once the weeds and grass are actively growing a selective herbicide to kill broad leaved weeds such as dandelions, daisies and clover within the grass can be applied.

Patio/Drive Weed Treatment

We can spray our industrial strength weed killer which will kill weeds and keep them weed free for several months.

Posted by mattcrane in on February 12, 2016