Absolutely, all our products are totally safe around children, pets and wildlife.  We do ask that you keep off the lawn until the weed killer has dried (usually less than 1 hour). This is good hygiene to prevent it being walked to non target areas and to prevent you walking the weed killer off the weeds. By using our service you will no longer have half full bottles of concentrated lawn weed killer in your garden shed.

We treat moss with specific moss control products, but more importantly we will also aim to treat the cause of the moss problem too.

Where appropriate we will incorporate cultural and organic methods (non-pesticide) to improve your lawn.  We have organic programmes available too. All our treatments are designed with maximum regard for the user consumer and environment.

There is never a bad time to start creating a beautiful lawn. You can adopt the service at any time.

Pro Lawncare use mostly green industry staff; ensuring that you receive the best and most professional advice from people who really care about lawns.

Our lawn operatives are National Proficiency Training Council (NPTC) licensed to apply lawn weed control products and fertilisers and pesticides.

A beautiful lawn involves more than applying a feed and weed every couple of months. Mowing practices, advice on watering and numerous other factors contribute to a beautiful lawn. Our specialists would be delighted to show you whether your mower is set correctly to ensure that everything is being to done to give you that lawn you’ve longed for…

Cut the lawn weekly, but not too short, we recommend a high setting on the lawnmower. Also keep the lawn well watered especially in the summer months.

Best not to cut the lawn for two days either side of a treatment, especially if you are a new customer. This allows the herbicide to really take effect.

ProLawnCare provide an assortment of ways to settle for our services so you can choose the best one to suit you.  If you choose to ‘pay as you go’, could we respectfully ask you settle within 7 days of a treatment.

  • Pre-pay for planned services through to February and save 5%
  • Pay by monthly direct debit and save 5%
  • We will simply divide the planned services fee by appropriate months
  • Call the office with your credit or debit card handy (sorry, can’t use Amex)
  • Go online and pay by BACS to Account 02700004  Sort Code 30-94-47
  • Please insert your name and customer reference number
  • By cheque payable to ProLawnCare
  • Please use the pre-paid envelope provided
  • Or post to 2 Copes Close, Buckden, PE19 5SD

No, as long as access is available to all lawned areas we can carry out the treatment.

No, we are so sure you’ll be delighted with your beautiful green, weed free lawn, you will continue with our service for as long or as short a time as you want.

We analyse your lawns needs first and then apply the correct balance of lawn fertiliser to give it just what it needs.  We know how much and when to apply.

This depends on weather conditions but you should see a big difference in as little as 10 days.

Definitely. Homeowners are constantly amazed to see what they thought was a lawn beyond saving transformed into a beautiful lawn. See our before and after shots.

Simply, we have massive amounts of special fertilisers and herbicides made for us and therefore there is a cost saving to you over what you pay for inferior products from garden centres.

Our programme of treatments means that we feed the lawn as well as remove the weeds.  As the weeds die back following treatment so the grass beneath that was stifled now prospers to give you a lush green lawn.

Lawn treatment is very specialised and he would need a license to use the kind of products we use. A lot of our customers employ gardeners who specialise in all other aspects of the garden. The lawn is best left to the professional lawn care companies with the specialist equipment and knowledge to bring out the best in your lawn.

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