Cambridgeshire Heat Wave – watering your lawn

It’s official – the weather around Buckden and Cambridgeshire has been hotter today than ever recorded previously. Temperatures have peaked in Cambridge today at 38.1C, the highest ever recorded for July in the UK. The observations from Cambridge University’s digital technology group have recorded it as ‘very hot’ all day, something we’ve all experienced just stepping outside for a matter of minutes!

With the weather getting increasingly hotter each day this week and with minimal rainfall, lawns will have been drying out quicker than in previous weeks. Therefore, it’s very important to water your lawn during this heatwave. Think of it as an important Summer gardening task.

The grass in your lawn will typically evaporate 3mm each day, so giving your lawn a good watering with a sprinkler for an hour every 4-7 days is the best way of ensuring it’s getting enough water. Ideally you should be looking to give your lawn around 25mm (1 inch) of water each week to keep it in top condition.

What is the cost of watering my lawn?

Giving your lawn 25mm of water every 4-7 days equates to 2.5m3 of water on a 100m2 lawn. This works out to be £3.82 (based on the current price of £1.53/m3).

No matter what, always make sure you water your lawn early in the morning or later at night, especially during a hot spell, to make lessen the amount of water evaporation from the grass.


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