20 Springs on

It’s ProLawnCare’s 20th Spring this year so now seems the perfect time to reflect on what has happened over that period…

(Swipe / drag the arrows from left to right to see the before & after)

Today sees the start of National Children’s Gardening Week, so where better to start than with our very own children growing up? (see above the 20 year time lapse photo – then 3 and 5 year old and now 22 and 24 year olds!). They’ve grown up surrounded by a passion for gardening and lawn care.


We’ve also experienced noticeable changes in the weather. As the 20 years have gone by, there have been more seasonal extremes – 2018 alone saw our village Buckden in Cambridgeshire hit with both ‘The Beast from the East’ and a long, arid summer. Neither of these being ‘ideal’ for the grass in our lawns! Thankfully, with a thorough lawn care programme, the grass in our customers’ lawns is already showing significant improvements through spring 2019. 

Parched grass in Parkers Piece, Cambridge during summer 2018

(Parker’s Piece, Cambridge UK during the hot summer of 2018)


There are now less products available to apply, but a greater understanding of integrated pest and disease management in lawns. The home owner also has more understanding of good and bad lawn care practice and, alongside this, the BASIS Lawn Assured Best Practice has been introduced to help ensure a high standard in the lawn care industry. 

Lawn Care Industry

The past 20 years has seen growth in the lawn care industry. As well as this, there is now a greater awareness of local independent lawn care businesses. As a result, The UK Lawn Care association has been established to help homeowners across the UK find an independent lawncare company to look after their lawns. ProLawnCare are proud members of the UK Lawn Care Association. 


The technological advances since the year 2000 have provided us with and improved choice of professional machinery to use on domestic lawns, but we still use rakes to clear up scarified moss/thatch!

Scarifying a lawn

(Swipe / drag the arrows from left to right to see the before & after)


The rise of the social media and the internet more generally since the year 2000 has meant a big shift away from paper-based marketing and towards digital and social marketing. If you haven’t already, make sure you like and follow our Facebook and Instagram pages, where we regularly post updates and interesting things about all things lawn care.  

ProLawnCare group picture 2019

We’ve come a long way in that time and wouldn’t be where we are today without our customers, so we’d like to give a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you. Here’s the another 20 years of keeping your lawns in tip top condition!

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